Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Best Designer Holiday Themed Gifts of the Season

For many families it is an annual tradition to add new pieces into their holiday ornaments and décor collection. The ideal holiday souvenir will immediately add joy and festivity to their home, as well as serve as an heirloom to pass on to loved ones in the future. The following is a comprehensive list of the best holiday items to give this season. These are pieces that will be an instant hit and also treasured for many years to come.

Fun Santa Clause Figurines & Ornaments

Golly old Saint Nick is a beloved holiday personality that will bring a smile to the face of people of all ages. If you are looking for a more timeless feel, select a figure in traditional garb like the MacKenzie Childs White Noel Santa. Another enduring classic is Santa Clause Nutcracker. These beautiful wooden pieces are constructed by artisans in Erzebirge Germany using traditional techniques. ChelseaGiftsOnline is one of only a handful of independent dealers in the US that are authorized to carry the MacKenzie Childs line of home décor. If you prefer a more whimsical rendition of Santa, Patience Brewster and Christopher Radko both offer colorful Santa ornaments that are as fun as they are beautiful.

For the Animal Lover

For friends and family who adore our four legged friends, the Patience Brewster Krinkles collection offers a delightful array of nativity figurines, as well as Santa reindeer and a number of fun domestic dog ornaments in most breeds. (Be sure to check out their adorable Terrier!) Patience Brewster’s designs are detailed, colorful, and utterly charming. Whether you choose the amusing Nativity Magi riding their camels and elephants, or the glorious reindeer in their detailed holiday costumes, you are sure to give a gift that will bring joy to any animal lover for many years to come.

Hanukkah Themed Gifts

There are many lovely Hanukkah options this season. If you are looking for a more sophisticated piece, you can never go wrong with Michael Aram. Michael Aram designs are world renown for blending organic aesthetics with classic metal working, resulting in pieces that appear at once both historical and modern. He is best known for his menorah collection, which includes the Pomegranate, Molten, Botanical Leaf and Olive branch menorah collections. If you prefer a more colorful aesthetic, MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check Menorah collection will infuse the room with both joy and light. For children, consider giving a fun dreidle ornament from Christopher Radko.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

If a friend or loved one has had a recent edition in their family, an ornament is a fabulous way to commemorate the baby’s first holiday season. Choose a piece that honors the baby and speaks to the parent’s décor sensibility. Christopher Radko offers a wide array of glorious children’s themed ornaments including an adorable rubber ducky as well as a number of toy-related ornaments. MacKenzie Childs also features a number of colorful ornaments that would make the perfect commemoration of the baby’s first yuletide.

Happy Holidays!

About the Author: Edward Cain is the co-owner of Chelsea at the Grove, a luxury home gifts boutique located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey in the heart of picturesque Monmouth County. Chelsea at the Grove is proud to feature L’objet dinnerware, the highly sought after Ralph Lauren Home collection, as well as the each line of Ricci Flatware.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Easy Guide to Displaying the MacKenzie-Childs Collection

Mackenzie-Childs is world-famous for producing distinctive ceramics and home furnishings that offer a whimsical take on the classic garden party. Bold patterns and colors are artfully blended to create pieces that are at once commanding and yet refined and never overdone. The Mackenzie-Childs aesthetic blends sophistication with playfulness in a way that makes them an easy addition to most homes, especially rooms in the French provincial, English and classic American styles.

When selecting handcrafted decorative pieces as distinctive as MacKenzie-Childs, particular attention should be paid to the storage or display. After all, MacKenzie-Childs tableware collections feature beautiful plates, bowls, glassware and tabletop accessories that are essentially functional art. The design team at ChelseaGiftsOnline created the following guidelines to help you incorporate the most coveted MacKenzie-Childs lines into your home.

If your kitchen or dining room leans towards a neutral pallet, including off-white, eggshell and brighter whites, look to MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market collection to add sophisticated splashes of color without becoming gaudy or overbearing. The bold, vibrant Flower Market collection will bring life and youthfulness to a monochrome space.

  • Use the Flower Market platter as a decorative piece by displaying it on a plate rack or holder.
  • Set out your MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market chargers, salad plates and bowls on the table, with contrasting Courtly Check placemats & napkins to finish off the look of your dining room or kitchen table.

For an antique, French provincial, or classic country-style kitchen, consider the iconic MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check design. Perhaps the most sought after product line MacKenzie-Childs has ever produced, the simple, yet highly coveted Courtly Checks blend into any kitchen’s color scheme while also serving as functional tableware because of their more durable ceramic-glaze finish.

  • Place your MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check dishes, bowls, cups and mugs upright in an open, full-view kitchen cabinet to showcase the recognizable Courtly Checks without occupying space. The checkered pattern really pops against dark browns and yellows.
  • Get creative with your Courtly Check cups and mugs, by attaching hooks to the underside of cabinets and hang drink ware by their handles. This saves space and time while also displaying the delightful patterns. This simple adjustment can have more design impact than a brand new back splash.

For a more formal, elegant kitchen we highly recommend the ornate MacKenzie-Childs Trapeze collection. The Trapeze dinner plates, vases and bowls, though unique in their shape and design, are detailed with stunning gold, green and berry details that tie the entire collection together.

  • MacKenzie-Childs designs are never shy or timid, nor should you be. Show off these timeless styles in a formal dining room, hutch or on top of cabinets. Place the Trapeze collection in a china cabinet with glass doors so that you and your guests can admire the exquisite designs when they are not in use.
  • Set the formal dining room table with the Trapeze collection. Play with the hues of your MacKenzie-Childs Table toppers, placemats, tablecloth and napkins; feel free to use bold tones to further bring out the Trapeze artistry.

How do you display your MacKenzie-Childs line? Share some tips with our readers below!

About the Author: Edward Cain is the co-owner of Chelsea at the Grove, a luxury boutique specializing in luxury designer gifts and home décor located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey in the heart of picturesque Monmouth County. Chelsea at the Grove is proud to feature the highly sought after MacKenzie-Childs collection, including their highly sought after furniture and the MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Collection.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Select a Unique House Warming Gift

Moving into a new home marks an exciting and busy time for an individual or family. Often times, once the move is completed, it is customary to throw a housewarming party to welcome friends and family to the new home. Planning, packing, moving and unpacking can be an exhausting process and the housewarming party concludes that process with a much-needed celebration.

While not expected, traditionally it is proper etiquette to arrive at a housewarming party with a thoughtful gift as a token of appreciation and warm wishes. A fine bottle of wine, fresh flowers and candles are all common housewarming gifts and are certainly appreciated by the new home owners. Here at Chelsea at the Grove, we believe that a house warming gift can be elevated to a higher level with just a little bit of thought. We’ve compiled a quick list of unique housewarming gifts, sure to stand out and make a lasting impression on your host.

  • A cheeseboard and knife. With today’s casual style of entertaining, a cheese board and knife fits perfectly with a round of artisan cheese and a glass of wine. In fact, the new home owners could use it the very night of their housewarming party! The GG Collection features a charming, decorative cheese board and spreader plus other favorite gourmet pieces including beautiful pedestal cake domes and GG Collection Hors Douvres servers. Yet another stunning option would be cheese boards from Michael Aram designs. These timeless pieces blend in perfectly with any different style home decor. If you are close friends with the hosts and do not feel it will compromise their party theme, pair the cheese board with an aged cheese selection and crackers. Designer Michael Aram is making a personal appearance at Chelsea Gifts on October 21st and will personally engrave your purchase with a message to the host. At this event, he will also debut his newest collections, including new holiday and Judaica items. Pick up something for yourself as well.
  • A tea kettle from the MacKenzie-Child’s Courtly Check collection. The iconic Courtly Check pattern that looks just as good on the stove as it does in the kitchen on display makes wonderful housewarming gift. A tea kettle from the MacKenzie-Child’s Courtly Check collection always makes a statement. And while often whimsical, the traditional black and white colors blend easily into any home.
  • A frame. A frame from the L’objet Photo Frame Collection. Crafted beautifully inside and out, L’objet frames are beautiful housings for one’s most treasured moments. Your hosts will be in awe of these breathtaking leather wrapped frames adorned with Genuine Swarovski Crystals and 24k gold or platinum plating. What new home would be complete without one of these beautiful frames to preserve time and precious memories.
  • A glass vase A beautiful mouth blown glass vase from Juliska. Wow your hosts with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a genuine mouth blown glass vase from Juliska. Juliska is mouth blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague. The techniques they use have been passed down through generations of skilled glass makers. Working on each item in teams of three, these artisans have perfected a seamless sequence of motions to create the finished pieces. Your hosts will remember you for years to come whenever they enjoy this Juliska vase.

The most important consideration to remember when selecting a housewarming gift is the recipient. What would work in their home and personal taste? Taking the time to be thoughtful and sincere will result in a housewarming gift that is long remembered and appreciated.

Happy gifting!

About the Author: Edward Cain is the co-owner of Chelsea at the Grove, a luxury boutique specializing in luxury designer gifts and home décor located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey in the heart of picturesque Monmouth County. Chelsea at the Grove is proud to feature the highly sought after MacKenzie-Childs, Michael Aram, L'objet and GG Collection lines.