Monday, March 28, 2016

Michael Aram Personal Appearance & Signing Event

Announcing Our Michael Aram In-Store Personal Appearance!

We’re thrilled to announce that beloved designer Michael Aram will be at Chelsea Gifts at the Grove in Shrewsbury on April 28. Making it Michael’s third appearance since 2010, he will be in the store from 12–3 p.m. to promote his home décor collections and chat with customers. In addition to the meet-and-greet, Michael will also be available to personally sign and inscribe any item you purchase that day, and we’ll also be offering a gift with any $250 purchase while supplies last! Chelsea Gifts will hold a pre-appearance promotion on Michael Aram gifts and décor beginning on March 28, so visit us again soon!

Chelsea Gifts has featured Michael Aram creations for years, and they continue to be top-sellers in our store and on our website. Our customers appreciate high-quality products, and every time they see an Aram piece, they fall more and more in love. With spring just around the corner, there’s no better way to celebrate Michael Aram’s nature-inspired designs, such as the Michael Aram Vincent Mirror Frame, than by purchasing a piece and having it signed by the artist himself. It’s the perfect way to welcome the new season and brighten up your home!

About Michael Aram

Michael Aram started his journey as an artist, traveling all over the world in order to gain a deeper understanding of how various cultures and artwork functioned. After an extremely influential trip to India, where he was introduced to unique metalworking techniques, Aram began his career in home décor design. Placing humanity and nature at the forefront of his creations, Michael Aram’s designs quickly developed into the renowned works they are today. He is excited to announce his newest tabletop collections, Bittersweet, Molten Gold and Enchanted Garden, which are all testaments to how inspiring his work continues to be. Chelsea Gifts Online currently offers over 40 Michael Aram collections, all of which are completely handcrafted using precious metals, ceramics and glass. His products range from simple accent pieces to functional furniture, and include profound and contrasting collections such as the Black Orchid Collection and the Botanical Leaf Collection.

When you take a look at our site, you’ll find that each collection offers a different style and personality, but despite their differences, they all have two things in common: quality and passion. No matter what kind of home décor you’re looking to purchase, it’s impossible not to fall in love with his designs.

Stop by Chelsea Gifts on April 28 to say hello to the designer who’s filled your home with exquisite beauty for years, and don’t forget to have your items signed by Michael Aram himself. You’ll receive a gift with a $250 purchase while supplies last, so get here early! While you’re waiting for the event, you can take a look at Aram’s newest arrivals at our store here and pre-order beginning on March 28!