Thursday, December 4, 2014

Robin Steele In-Store Appearance at Chelsea - December 11th

Robin Steele Jewelry
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In case you haven’t heard, we are super excited to be hosting famed vintage jewelry designer Robin Steele at Chelsea at the Grove at Shrewsbury on Thursday December 11, 2014 from 11am-3pm. She will be previewing and showcasing her Fall/Holiday 2014 collection of handmade jewelry, which is fabulous by the way (I got a sneak peak).

Just for our loyal customers, like you, we will have 10 percent off the entire store and the chance to win a beautiful Bohemian Bracelet Set in Yellow Jade, a $360 value, with a purchase  $100 or more.

Robin Steele jewelry makes the perfect gift for any lovely lady on your list. Each design is meticulously hand-crafted in New York using rare vintage European intaglio, antique glass cabochons, and European matt crystal cameos to create timeless pieces as unique as the women who own them. Inspirations for her unique designs are often drawn from architecture, ornamentation, and mythology especially when designing the settings for the stones.
The Robin Steele Fall/Holiday 2014 collection of handmade jewelry includes a variety of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and broaches.

The  new vintage Robin Steele bracelets use hematite, amethysts, and jet glass head cameos to create a charm bracelet without the clinking and clanging. Of course purple is my favorite color, so I am in love with the Robin Steele Studio Large European Amethyst Precosia Cabochon Bracelet but I must admit that I find the classic back and silver look of the Robin Steele Studio Vintage hematite and jet glass intaglio charm bracelet and Robin Steele Studio Vintage link bracelet with faceted European hematite glass cabochons absolutely mesmerizing.

These same features can be found in both the drop and chandelier European earrings whose flowing lines evoke a sense of timelessness and prestige. There are so many  wonderful and unique designs to choose from I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite pair of earrings from the Robin Steele collection.

Check out our store or visit Chelsea Gifts Online to learn more about the fantastic Robin Steele and her vintage jewelry designs.

I really hope to see you on December 11th because you will not want to miss the once in a lifetime chance to win this fabulous Bohemian Bracelet Set. Robin has said that she was inspired by the global influence of Bohemian fashion to create this stunning set of semi precious 14 mm yellow jade beads complimenting a Tibetan red coral and turquoise inlaid brass focal bead. It is also accented with inlaid and crystal clay beads. Not only is it beautiful but it’s made in America and fits most wrist sizes.

Let us know you’re coming and RSVP on our either our Facebook Event page. See you December 11th and don’t forget your holiday shopping list!
Monday, December 1, 2014

Diane von Furstenberg

Skyrocketing to fame in the 70s for her signature wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg is celebrating the 40th anniversary of an iconic design that has carved a lasting niche for her brand in worldwide luxury. She is best known for her bold prints, feminine dresses, and easy-to-wear pieces and even expanding collections with home d├ęcor items like bedding and table top pieces while bringing a sense of modern confidence to women across the globe. Coinciding with the emblematic anniversary Von Furstenberg has launched a commemorative fashion collection designed to illustrate the history of her works.

The Tale of the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress

The chronicles of the dress that made Diane von Furstenberg a household name is like any good tale, there are ups and there are downs. The wrap dress was originally spotted on the cover of a 1976
Diane von Furstenberg on NewsWeek Magazine
Newsweek before going out of production a few years later. At the time, the dress embodied the strength of women who could succeed in a male dominated work environment while maintaining their femininity with ads often garnishing "Feel Like a Woman, Wear a Dress!" or other similar slogans. It eventually regained relevance as well as popularity in 1997 when DVF reintroduced the fashion staple.

Von Furstenberg notes to W magazine, “In French it is called arobe portefeuille, which is very appropriate, because portefeuille means ‘wallet’ and it certainly filled mine. I used to be annoyed that my name was always associated with this one dress. I thought it’s not the only thing I’ve done, now, I think this is pretty amazing. I created something that has been part of many generations.”

The dress that made fashion history typically cinches around the waste to give the illusion of an hourglass figure and is made out of a long sheet of fabric. It can be found in brightly colored or monotone patterns as featured in the DVF anniversary collection.

Currently, over 200 original pieces and related artworks are on display in a 40th anniversary exhibition produced by Furstenberg where you can browse through original designs and patterns from the 70s as well as more modern and chic architecture like asymmetrical, flares, pantsuits, and rompers. If you simply don’t have time for a trip to L.A. and prefer somewhere a little closer to home, stop by Chelsea at The Grove in Shrewsbury to fall in love with her newest fall 2014 collection.