Monday, November 24, 2014

L'Objet 10th anniversary collections

L’Objet is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with four new collections, Sous le Ciel, Hans, Soie Tressee, and Han Horse, inspired by the worldwide travels of founder and creative director Elad Yifrach. As a former interior designer, Elad understands that items in the home must be beautiful and functional therefore he only employs the most skilled artisans in the world to bring finely detailed tableware, table accessories and home décor to every L’Objet collection.

The newest anniversary collections use ancient design techniques to create timeless and modern pieces taking inspiration from the eastern region of the globe, specifically China’s great Han dynasty.  These distinctive collections are sure to stimulate a passion for culture while instilling the calm feng shui notoriously present in ancient Chinese history.

Sous le Ciel

The first of the anniversary collections is Sous le Ciel or “Sons of Heaven” as the emperors of the Han Dynasty were endearingly known as by the people they ruled. The first of the four great dynasties created an era of innovation, intellectual progression, and artistic expression. The Han Dynasty is cited with the invention of these age old techniques illuminated in the Sous le Ciel collection by animating ancient works of paper, ceramics, and silk weaving.

Han Collection

L'Objet Han dinnerware collection
Delving deeper into dinnerware than any previous L’Objet Collection, the Han collection features pieces honoring traditional Chinese customs including a spoons, chopsticks, and green tea cups with matching lids for the optimum temperature every time. The Han dinnerware collection lays at the heart of the Sous le Ciel and breeds, perhaps, the most painstakingly beautiful set of white porcelain with a 24K gold backdrop ever created. Its fusion of complex and groundbreaking techniques combined with those of Ancient China can only be found in these exclusive works of art.

The Han collection pay homage to a period of poetry, literature, philosophy, and art with pieces intended to generate a passion for the zen culture of the prosperous Eastern Hemisphere while retaining a modern feel. For example, the collection has spoons coated entirely in 24K gold, chopsticks in black wood and jade cabochon, and bowls which almost seem to defy gravity in reference to a popular philosophy of never being too grounded.

Soie Tressée Collection

L'Objet Soie Tressée dinnerware CollectionAs the second half of the Sous Le Ciel collection, Soie Tressée dinnerware gives the long-established customary silk Chinese braid a distinctly modern twist while elegantly complimenting the more intricate Han collection. Soie Tressée dinnerware can be used by itself or layered with other L’Objet collections as it’s pure white Limoges porcelain, platinum or 24K gold, and hand painted detailed sculpt provides the quintessential backdrop for any meal or party.

Han Horse Collection

The Han dynasty not only brought the eastern hemisphere into the greatest period of enlightenment but also trade. Along with the long list of arts and skilled crafts, silk weaving was one of the most popular trade items eventually earning the path villagers would take to the ports the name of “The Silk Road.” Through their trade along the Silk Road, the Chinese discovered a breed of horse that was far superior to any previously known breeds which they called “heavenly horses” and they quickly became the symbol for power and prestige.
L'Objet Place Card Gold Horse

Due to the honor and grace bestowed upon these magnificent creatures by the ancient Chinese, a heavenly horse motif can be spotted throughout the collection in table accents with jewels, chopstick rests, place card holders, and sculptures.

This collection offers various different pieces any horse lover will treasure but three pieces in particular are our favorites at Chelsea: the library horse sculpture, the napkin jewels horse, and the place card horse. The L'Objet Library Horse Black Limited Edition Large Sculpture is a meticulously handcrafted Limoges porcelain beauty guaranteed to give animation to any room with its elegant features and available only in elite stores like ours. Combining classical elegance with charming whimsy, L'Objet Napkin Jewels Platinum Horse chicly accessorize any dining experience while the L'Objet Place Card Gold Horse lends a hand to grace and sophistication with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstones.

To fall in love even more with any of the L’Objet 10th anniversary collections swing by the store at 635 Broad St. Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 or visit our website,

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bernardaud's Celebrates 150 Years - Check out Their Classic Collections

It’s no wonder why Bernardaud china is by far one of the most innovative brands in French luxury tableware. The Limoges France family owned company brings a tradition of excellence and evolution to its trendsetting blends of colors and patterns while providing a balance of classic and contemporary designs over their 150 year history. Bernardaud employs master craftsmen skilled in the great French porcelain tradition to create elegant collections that revolutionize entertaining with beauty and functionality.

Bernardaud’s latest release of porcelain art for the tabletop includes four collections, The White table, The Classic Table, The Contemporary Table, and The Historic Table, each with their own unique fusion of integrated subsidiaries.

The White Table

Bernardaud The White Table
Comprised of the Digital, Ecume Matte Rim, Fusion, Louvre, Naxos, and Organza collections, The White Table adds a modern chic ambiance to any dinner table or event. As its name suggests, every piece in this collection offers a unique spin on the classic all white place setting, popular in part to its versatility and its ability to coordinate seamlessly with both formal and casual stemware and flatware. In these genuine Limoges porcelain dinnerware collections, you will find immaculate edges with molded finger impressions, hollow engravings, geometric shapes, and French Renaissance details that will see you through a lifetime of family dinners and parties with friends and neighbors.

Take your table from ordinary to extraordinary with one of the six Bernardaud collections in The White Table available at Chelsea. Our favorites include the Oliver Gagnere designed Naxos, which uses sharp raised geometrical outlines to show contrasts and shadows on a canvas of white porcelain, and Organza aptly named for its organic and contemporary finish that favors the texture of woven fabric. The White Table furnishes a contemporary and minimalist experience using pure lines and genuine porcelain to create the perfect look and feel for any occasion.

The Classic Table

Bernardaud Classic Table
Ask any French woman and she will tell you that receiving guests around a dinner table for religious occasions, anniversaries, or other event is very much an important part of the culture and faux pas are not easily forgotten. The Classic Table collections of Bernardaud are crafted and created with such care that any one of its seventeen different tableware settings will cause a stir among friends and family for years to come.

The Classic Table features collections that offer unique settings for guests whether it be a nod to the 70s with the Athena collection in gold, navy, or platinum or the Aux Oiseaux settings which displays colorful birds and butterflies perched atop hand painted branches. The Classic Table is not simply for the French; it houses something for everyone from almost every century. Visit our website for the full list of pieces available at Chelsea.

The Contemporary Table

Bernarduad Contemporary TableIf you are looking for a less traditional and more current place settings, Chelsea also has you covered with the Bernardaud Contemporary Table Collections. Like the Classic Table Collection, The Contemporary Table is composed of seventeen different dinnerware compilations each with its own style and feel. Here, you will find the continuation of Ecume in gold and platinum as well as the Oliver Gagnere designed Galerie Royale in Linen, Wallis Blue, and Orange. A few of our other favorites include Ultra, Taiga, Olbia, and Promenade. With so many options to choose from, you will be sure to find your next set of Bernardaud china from The Contemporary Table Collections found in store or online.

The Historic Table

Bernardaud Historic Table
The fourth set of the innovative and complex works from Bernardaud adorn hand drawings similar to those of the painters in the 1800s and is manufactured in the Former Royal Factory which continues to pass down traditional techniques since being founded in 1774 by Louis XVI. Created at the oldest existing porcelain factory in Limoges, you can expect perfection from every meticulously handcrafted piece in The Historic Table.

The Historic Table contains a range of collections commissioned by Prince William II of Hesse in 1829 including the sophisticated Botanique service. For over two centuries it has adorned a single variety of flowers arranged in the shape of a crown with extremely rich hues, a characteristic yellow nankeen band decorated with a frieze of palm or ivy, and a central rosette. This extremely complex work also bears  flowers and leaves of a single plant species represented in different ways depending on the location of the crown and are accompanied by painted rings on a white strip bounded by two threads of golden beads. The rich back story of The Historic Table is a rarity and indicative of its name is the only example of its type manufactured in such a historic location.

Get obsessed with these amazing and unique French Limoges Porcelain collections today by visiting our website or store and let us know which ones (there will be more than one) are your favorite.
Monday, November 3, 2014

Miss Ellie In-Store Appearance and Truck Show - November 20th

Miss Ellie In-Store Appearance and Trunk Show at Chelsea at The Grove Poster
“Lasting Beauty” is Miss Ellie’s mantra since her design studio was launched in 2007. Since then, Miss Ellie has combined old Victorian aesthetics with modern sensibilities to craft jewelry that weathers the test of time, or “Antiquities of Tomorrow”.

Miss Ellie made a surprise visit to Chelsea recently to give us just a taste of what she’ll be bringing in November. We’re really excited to see what magnificent items she’ll be showing us this time!

We're really excited to have Miss Ellie join the likes of Michael Aram and Robin Steele as previous in-store appearances.

During the event, you can have Miss Ellie customize almost any piece with your choice color and stone variations. This is a great chance to have a special piece of jewelry crafted for the upcoming holidays. Also, if you purchase $150 or more on Miss Ellie pieces, you receive a free gift (limited to 1 per customer, good on Miss Ellie products only).

There will also be a raffle where one lucky winner will win a 3-initial bracelet customized by Miss Ellie herself. Be sure to get enter!

Miss Ellie Fashion Jewelry
Miss Ellie In-Store Appearance and Trunk Show at Chelsea
Let us know that you’re joining us by at our Miss Ellie In-Store Appearance Facebook Event page, and we’ll see you on November 20th at Chelsea. If you RSVP on Facebook, we’ll give you a 15% coupon for Miss Ellie’s beautiful jewelry the day of the event. We’ll see you there!

Miss Ellie In-Store Appearance
635 Broad St. Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
November 20th, 2014 12 PM to 4 PM EST