Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fan Favorite Michael Aram’s Summer Gift Guide

As we head into the summer months, everyone is preparing for a whirlwind season of parties, weddings and celebrations. Whether you are a wedding guest thinking of unique gifts to give the happy couple or a party host decorating your own home, Chelsea Gifts is here to help!

Giving original, thoughtful gifts can seem like a challenge. For this summer’s gift giving and home decorating inspiration, look no further than our extensive Michael Aram Collections. Artisan and designer Michael Aram is a fan favorite among our customers. His designer flatware, stemware, and home furnishings make the perfect gifts for weddings and anniversary parties. Featuring classic elements as well as distinguished accents, Michael Aram’s body of work is characterized by storytelling and artisanal craftsmanship.

Michael Aram’s Metalwork

Timeless and effortlessly sophisticated, Michael’s metal statement pieces placed thoughtfully throughout the home will never go out of style. Whether you want to liven up an everyday living space or decorate for a summer soiree, it’s hard to go wrong with familiar Michael Aram’s subtle, yet stunning designs. Bold, black metal adds an understated edge that helps pull the decorating theme together. Because of their neutral undertones, these metals and others like silver and gold blend seamlessly into nearly any interior décor theme.

Michael Aram is known for his metal home décor and we’re proud to carry his best offerings including the Black Orchid Collection. His elegant sculptures, including the Noah’s Ark pieces, are based on some of the most well-known historical and religious stories that have stood the test of time. Michael Aram taps into familiar experiences from which we all can relate to create these timeless pieces that will capture your family’s attention and memories for generations. Each piece is handmade using age-old techniques by skilled artisans. Michael has built a reputation for being as much of an artisan as he is an artist. When he travels to new countries, he studies the techniques of local craftsmen in order to incorporate the lessons and styles into his latest designs.

Butterfly Ginkgo Collection

Nothing is more calming and healing than spending time surrounded by nature.  Natural motifs add a sophisticated touch to your home all year long. For a natural theme that is beautiful, understated, and will never go out of style, we recommend the pure tones of Michael Aram’s Butterfly Gingko Collection. Michael Aram has created a line of home and kitchen accessories inspired by his fascination with the Ginkgo tree with its butterfly-shaped leaves. This unique collection incorporates themes taken from nature and transforms them into beautiful metal pieces. Combining bronze, stainless steel, and other materials, these pieces represent the Ginkgo’s ability to thrive all over the planet as one of the world’s oldest trees. Bringing these elements into your home allows you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your living room or kitchen while elevating your décor with truly functional art.

Michael Aram’s Palace Collection

Michael Aram’s Palace Collection is a designer line that offers everything a couple needs for entertaining. From stainless cutlery to an étagère for cakes and pastries, the Palace Collection is made for memorable parties and dinners. Ornate, geometric details on mirror-like stainless steel are inspired by the lavish palaces of India, where Michael has lived part-time since 1989. The Palace Collection is one that a newlywed couple’s friends and family can add to together over the years.

Chelsea Gifts is a Michael Aram Gold Prestige Partner and we are dedicated to continuing our commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence with the Michael Aram Company. In fact, Michael has visited our Shrewsbury, NJ store on three occasions to discuss his brand, new collections, and help celebrate our mutual and continuing success. He works tirelessly for his brand and has been featured in numerous blogs and publications where he offers tips on decorating, cooking and entertaining from his family to yours.

Shop Michael Aram’s collections in our online store and you will see why our customers have become his fans. Sign up to receive our newsletter and be the first to know the next time Michael is in town for a meet and greet!

What are your favorite Michael Aram pieces? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!
Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Hottest Jewelry Trends for Summer

Staying accessorized no matter what the season is the best way to bring out your inner fashionista! This is even more crucial in the summertime, when sweltering temperatures can make you want to forgo your outfit altogether. The right piece of jewelry can infuse a touch of pizazz to any outfit. Read on to learn about the hottest summer jewelry trends and how you can jump on board with Chelsea Gifts!

Necklaces add a glimmer of style to sundresses, tank tops and even t-shirts. To maximize the fashion factor with a necklace during the summertime, make sure to stick with more delicate chains and pendants like the Virgins, Saints & Angels Lucia charm necklace. Chokers and bib necklaces can look stuffy, and keeping your necklace minimal makes sure that it doesn’t overpower the outfit.

VSA Lucia Charm Necklace, $151 at Chelsea Gifts

If you’re looking for something with the wow factor that won’t be gaudy, try a statement ring. A piece with jewels can add a glint of sparkle to any outfit. Wearing a ring instead of a larger piece of jewelry can ensure you don’t get bogged down by accessories while still looking fashion forward. The Alexis Bittar liquid gold stacked ring is the perfect option for a piece that will shimmer and shine just enough to complement your summer aesthetic.

Bangles, bracelets and cuffs have the power to transform any outfit because of their versatility. You can keep it classic and wear one on your wrist, or wear it just armband-style, just above your elbow, for a boho glam look. Layering multiple bracelets works well with simple outfits, but outfits with busier prints work better with a single bracelet or cuff.

Summer isn’t the time to rock subdued hues. Turn up the volume with a piece like the Robin Steele carnelian & Tibetan turquoise inlaid bead bracelet. The vibrant colors can turn a simple piece of jewelry into a statement piece. If you’re looking for something less wild, go with gold jewelry. The warm tones will reflect better than silver in the summer sun and complement your glow.

Robin Steele Carnelian & Tibetan Turquoise Bead Bracelets, $96 each at Chelsea Gifts

To top off your look, wear a pair of chandelier earrings. While they may seem elaborate, when paired with a bathing suit cover-up they can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise bare outfit. Peeking out from a beneath a wide-brimmed hat, the Robin Steele Swarovski mint alabaster earrings add a mysterious gypsy vibe to your look.

There are many ways to accessorize your outfits this summer. Following these summer jewelry tips will make sure you stay fabulous beneath the summer sun!
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wedding Registry Tips from the Pros at Chelsea Gifts

For many couples, especially those who marry young, a wedding is about more than just joining two lives together. It's also about starting a household that will serve as the foundation for that new life. At Chelsea Gifts, we believe a beautiful household should include beautiful things for your home!

Both our brick and mortar boutique and our online store are popular destinations for newly engaged couples building out their registries. Wondering what to register for? Follow our expert tips below to create a wedding registry checklist that will continue to serve you and your family for years to come, and be sure to let your guests know they can find the pieces you want at Chelsea Gifts!

Be Practical...

Your bridal registry is a chance to outfit your new homeor your existing living spacewith stuff you'll actually use. If you're not much of a cook, you might be missing a lot of basic kitchen items that could streamline the meals you do prepare together. If you've never entertained family members over the holidays, you might not have enough matching table settings to create a cohesive Thanksgiving spread. Think about the pieces you'll be using in your daily life and free up space on your registry by eliminating items you're only likely to use once or twice (we're looking at you, panini press).

For example: Just about every list of wedding registry ideas will tell you to include several good sets of dishes and flatware. Why? Unless you've been lucky enough to have these pieces passed down from a family member, odds are your cabinets are full of mismatched or just plain boring dinnerware. Plates and utensils are things you'll use every single day, so choose a collection or two that you love looking at and that you know will impress future dinner guests. We love the classic elegance of the Bernardaud White Table collection because it goes with literally anything. For a more colorful look, we also recommend any of the vivid options available in the Juliska Berry & Thread line. And for flatware, you can't go wrong with Ricci Argentieri.

...But Not Too Practical

The MacKenzie-Childs Ridiculous Bench, $4,950 at Chelsea Gifts

Your registry is limited to the number of invites you send and your family and friends' gift budgets, but don't be afraid to include a few more extravagant items on your list. Most people view gift-giving occasions as an excuse to give the things their loved ones wouldn't buy for themselves. If you've been eyeing a particular piece from a high-end home decor collection but can't bring yourself to open your wallet for it, put it on the list! Even wedding guests with tight budgets will sometimes join up to purchase a more expensive gift.

Don't Forget About Seasonality

Sure, you'll want to register for plenty of items you can use every day. But a wedding registry is also a great opportunity to stock up on seasonal decorations and home furnishings. Christmas ornaments and traditional Hanukkah decorations, for example, are very popular wedding gifts. It's pieces like these that make your house feel like a home, especially around the holidays. And a beautiful ornament or menorah from a beloved relative has a good shot at becoming a treasured family heirloom.

Add a little holiday cheer to your registry!

Remember, setting up your wedding registry should be fun for you and your partner! The experts at Chelsea Gifts are pros at taking the stress out of the registry process. If you're ready to start your list, contact us today and we'll help you create the perfect registry for a beautiful new home!
Monday, March 28, 2016

Michael Aram Personal Appearance & Signing Event

Announcing Our Michael Aram In-Store Personal Appearance!

We’re thrilled to announce that beloved designer Michael Aram will be at Chelsea Gifts at the Grove in Shrewsbury on April 28. Making it Michael’s third appearance since 2010, he will be in the store from 12–3 p.m. to promote his home décor collections and chat with customers. In addition to the meet-and-greet, Michael will also be available to personally sign and inscribe any item you purchase that day, and we’ll also be offering a gift with any $250 purchase while supplies last! Chelsea Gifts will hold a pre-appearance promotion on Michael Aram gifts and décor beginning on March 28, so visit us again soon!

Chelsea Gifts has featured Michael Aram creations for years, and they continue to be top-sellers in our store and on our website. Our customers appreciate high-quality products, and every time they see an Aram piece, they fall more and more in love. With spring just around the corner, there’s no better way to celebrate Michael Aram’s nature-inspired designs, such as the Michael Aram Vincent Mirror Frame, than by purchasing a piece and having it signed by the artist himself. It’s the perfect way to welcome the new season and brighten up your home!

About Michael Aram

Michael Aram started his journey as an artist, traveling all over the world in order to gain a deeper understanding of how various cultures and artwork functioned. After an extremely influential trip to India, where he was introduced to unique metalworking techniques, Aram began his career in home décor design. Placing humanity and nature at the forefront of his creations, Michael Aram’s designs quickly developed into the renowned works they are today. He is excited to announce his newest tabletop collections, Bittersweet, Molten Gold and Enchanted Garden, which are all testaments to how inspiring his work continues to be. Chelsea Gifts Online currently offers over 40 Michael Aram collections, all of which are completely handcrafted using precious metals, ceramics and glass. His products range from simple accent pieces to functional furniture, and include profound and contrasting collections such as the Black Orchid Collection and the Botanical Leaf Collection.

When you take a look at our site, you’ll find that each collection offers a different style and personality, but despite their differences, they all have two things in common: quality and passion. No matter what kind of home décor you’re looking to purchase, it’s impossible not to fall in love with his designs.

Stop by Chelsea Gifts on April 28 to say hello to the designer who’s filled your home with exquisite beauty for years, and don’t forget to have your items signed by Michael Aram himself. You’ll receive a gift with a $250 purchase while supplies last, so get here early! While you’re waiting for the event, you can take a look at Aram’s newest arrivals at our store here and pre-order beginning on March 28!
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Design and Serve the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Planning and assembling a charcuterie board can be difficult, as there are so many delicious options out there to pick from. Salty or sweet, tangy or savory, textured or smooth? If you’re planning a party and wondering how to make a charcuterie board, we’ve got a few tips for selections that will delight your guests and their taste buds.

First, pick your meats. There are two types of meat used in a charcuterie tray: cured meats and whole-muscle cuts. Cured meats are encased and usually sliced into quarter-inch-thick coins, such as pepperoni and chorizo. They typically have dominant non-meat flavors, such as black and red pepper or fennel. Whole-muscle cuts are meats shaved into paper-thin slices, such as prosciutto. They have more of a meat flavor to them and are sometimes processed by salting, smoking and hanging to dry. These meats are also typically nuttier and sweeter. For a complete charcuterie board, you need a little of both. Genoa, coppa and bresaola are also great options, but don’t be afraid to ask your butcher for recommendations. As you’re beginning to plate, consider adding a whimsical touch with some fun cocktail picks for easier eating, like Ralph Lauren’s Gents cocktail picks with their convenient holder.

Next, start putting together your meat and cheese pairings. Keep in mind that your cheeses should both contrast and complement your meat selections. This goes for flavors and textures. Ease the fire of spicy, Spanish-style chorizo with a smooth, sheep’s milk cheese like La Serena. The tartness of the cheese calms the spicy meat, and its creaminess will smooth over the chorizo. Conversely, Prosciutto di Parma goes great with Parmigiano Reggiano because the ribbon of fat in the prosciutto melts in your mouth over the coarse cheese. It’s all about having something to enhance the other’s flavor without overpowering it, thus creating a delicious bite every time. Give your guests a few different options, like sharp-aged Gouda, bleu or Camembert cheese. And don’t forget to give them something gorgeous to eat on—L’Objet’s Fortuny canape plates come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Set of Four L'Objet Fortuny Canape Plates, $195 at Chelsea Gifts

We need to add in all the other complementary flavors now. A well-made charcuterie tray will have more than just meat and cheese. Carbs are a necessity, so include some bread, crackers or even both. Homemade toast tastes incredible rubbed with some quality olive oil and cloves of garlic, but for something quick, pick up a fresh baguette on your way home. Pâté is a mixture of fat and ground meat minced into a paste, which may sound iffy to the uninitiated, but tastes delicious. Cut a loaf into slices that can be eaten in one or two bites and serve with some chutney or jam. Finally, throw in some last-minute extras for added color and flavor. Try fruits like Honeycrisp apples slices, pears, dried cranberries and dates, as well as a small spoonful of whole-grain mustard. Olives and pickles are great, but if you’re feeling ambitious, try some pickled onions or pickled garlic on the side.

Juliska Jardins du Monde Cheeseboard & Knife Set, $115 at Chelsea Gifts

A few final tips: What grows together goes together. If the items come from the same region of the world, chances are they will pair well. Always be thinking about opposite flavors and don’t let beige overpower your board. Add some color! Once you’ve picked out your selection of food, find a beautiful charcuterie board to lay it out on. For a classic look, try the Juliska Jardins du Monde cheeseboard. For something a little more unconventional, the Michael Aram Cat and Mouse cheeseboard is the perfect choice, and the sophisticated Black Orchid napkin holder complements it nicely. However you choose to display your food, create a charcuterie board that is both flavorful and adventurous.
Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spotlight on Michael Aram: Unique and Luxurious Handmade Art

The Perfect Addition to Any Room

Designs by Michael Aram are arguably among the best collections in the world, and are one of the top lines offered by Chelsea Gifts. We proudly present Aram’s collection, complete with his exquisite accent pieces for the den, dining room, home office or anywhere you want to add a touch of earthy beauty. Michael Aram home goods are both eye-catching and functional, expertly made from metals, ceramics and glass.

Each piece is entirely handmade with no two examples ever exactly the same. The handmade quality of the work allows it to shift beautifully between the realm of fine and decorative art. This enduring concoction of quality and originality sits comfortably at home in contemporary as well as in more classical interiors.

Michael Aram Black Orchid Nut Bowl - $99 at Chelsea Gifts

Inspirations from Around the World

Born in the U.S., Aram studied fine art in Florence, Italy and attended the Art Students League of New York in New York City. Living as an artist in New York in the late 1980s, Aram took what would later be a life-altering trip to India where he discovered rich metalworking traditions. Inspired by the ancient metalworking techniques of India, Aram began working with local Indian craftsmen and began producing metalwork with older methods such as sand casting and hand forging. He went on to set up a home and workshop in New Delhi. The award-winning metalwork, homeware and fine jewelry designer later opened a self-named boutique in Manhattan in 2007.

Michael Aram Cat & Mouse Cheeseboard - $195 at Chelsea Gifts

The Aram Line: Simply the Best

From the Michael Aram Black Orchid Collection to the Heart Collection, Aram's work reflects humanity through the directness of the handmade process. The age-old traditional artisan techniques imbues each piece with a soulful quality and an energy that is coveted the world over. As extraordinary objects, they cause us to pause and consider them, and therefore create a sense of ritual and ceremony in their day-to-day use. 

Whether you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one or an addition to your own home, you’ll find plenty of truly unique, hand-crafted treasures worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Shop our selection of Michael Aram designer gifts online or in person at our boutique in Shrewsbury, New Jersey—we can’t wait for you to get your hands on one of these gorgeous designs!
Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Miss Ellie In-Store Appearance & Jewelry Trunk Show

For the second time in 2015, Chelsea Gifts at the Grove in Shrewsbury is pleased to announce an upcoming appearance and trunk show by Miss Ellie! The founder of Miss Ellie Jewelry, Ellie Mathias, will be present in-store from noon until 5pm on Saturday, December 5th, showcasing her latest pieces and talking with Chelsea Gifts customers about her unique designs.

As a special surprise, we’re offering 20% off your purchase of $100 or more of Miss Ellie jewelry! This offer is good for December 5th only, so don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity to snag the piece you’ve been coveting.

Chelsea Gifts has featured Miss Ellie’s NYC-based jewelry line for years, and the popularity of her unique pieces promises to make our Miss Ellie trunk show the must-attend event of the holiday shopping season. With only a few weeks left until Christmas and this trunk show falling the day before Hanukkah begins, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to find something special for your loved ones or even treat yourself!

About Miss Ellie:

A collector of vintage jewelry since her early childhood, Ellie Mathias is a true artist with a mission to create gorgeous pieces you’ll want to pass down for generations. Each necklace, bracelet, ring or pair of earrings is handmade from top-quality raw materials, often pre-tarnished for a timeless, somewhat vintage look. A central part of Ellie’s mission is her dedication to using all-American materials and an entirely U.S.-based workforce—every piece is made in New York City with the finest attention to detail. Miss Ellie’s classic, romantic aesthetic is perfectly suited to the Chelsea Gifts collection, and we’re proud to offer our customers direct access to her products and the designer herself.

Visit us at the Grove on December 5th and pick out a Miss Ellie piece that speaks to you. Don’t forget—you’ll enjoy 20% off of any Miss Ellie purchase over $100! We can’t wait to see you here!