Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 MacKenzie-Childs Must Haves for Summer 2012

The temperature heating up and longer days can only mean one thing: summer is here! With generally more relaxed schedules, holidays and celebrations, summer is often a time to entertain. There is no doubt that the bright, whimsical patterns akin to MacKenzie-Childs would make the perfect additions to your home décor or entertaining staples. Prepare your home with the five MacKenzie-Childs must have products for summer 2012!

  1. MacKenzie-Childs Enamelware Serving Set
  2. What better way to serve appetizers or display hor d’oeuvres than with this adorable serving tray from the Courtly Check Collection? Intended to function as a cheese and cracker set, this popular tray can host a variety of snacks: the bowl helps to separate dips, gazpachos and more from your veggies or crackers on the wood tray. With an enamel bowl showing off the recognizable black and white Courtly checks on top of a carved wooden Acacia tray, this cheese and cracker set does more than serve your scrumptious finger foods – it speaks to your designer taste and style. There’s no better serveware option than a traditional MacKenzie- Childs Courtly Check, which blends well with bright summer table settings.

  3. MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Bucket Bag
  4. With the coveted MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check pattern subtlety decorating this woven bucket bag, it is the essential summer travel bag for every stylish lady. The adorable bucket bag is big enough to fill with all your warm weather essentials for when you’re on the go. Bring it to the pool or the beach and fill with sunscreen, a book, sunglasses, your wallet and a brush! Or, simply bring it as the perfect fashion accessory to a summer outfit.

  5. MacKenzie-Childs Pagoda Birdhouse
  6. During the summer months, birds will begin their seasonal migration back to warmer climates. Make your backyard a haven for birds with this fun birdhouse! This fun birdhouse has a traditional Courtly Check pattern on the base with bold colors on the roof of the house – it’s certainly a decorative must-have for any fan of MacKenzie-Childs.

  7. MacKenzie-Childs Column Chimney Flower Pot
  8. Summer is the perfect time to invest in a stylish and everlasting MacKenzie-Childs flower pot! With more blooms in season and fresh flowers all around, a bright hand-crafted pot will allow you to display them tastefully. Let the flowers and the recognizable flower pot stand alone as a centerpiece for a table setting or decoration – it’s simple, natural and elegant.

  9. MacKenzie-Childs Greenhouse Outdoor Dining Table
  10. Bring your guests around this unique, fun MacKenzie-Childs table and you won’t have to worry about creating the perfect table setting – the table is decoration enough! With the funky pink and green knobs on the table legs and the woven green tabletop, this dining table just screams outdoor entertaining! The small bits of the recognizable Courtly Check pattern are enough to speak to this designer table and your guests will be in awe of your taste and style.

Take advantage of all the new MacKenzie-Childs products that are ideal for summer living. Bring the bold colors and iconic patterns central to the MacKenzie-Childs name into your home this summer and create an environment that is welcoming, stylish and extremely tasteful. Feel free to browse around Chelsea Gifts Online for more designer home décor or designer gifts from highly sought after brands like Ricci Flatware and GG Collection.