Monday, January 30, 2012

High End Groomsmen Gifts

The wedding weekend marks one of the most special and memorable weekends for a couple, the beginning to a lifelong journey together. On that special day, traditionally both the bride and the groom say their eternal vows with their closest friends and family members by their sides, serving as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Along the journey to the altar, the bridal party supports and encourages the couple as well as throws celebratory bridal showers and parties. The night before the wedding day, it is proper etiquette for the bride and groom to present each member of their bridal party with a memorable and meaningful gift as a token of their appreciation. Much time and thought is put into the gifts that the couple chooses, as it is an outward way to thank the bridesmaids and groomsmen for their support and encouragement for the relationship.

Chelsea at the Grove carries a fine selection of groomsmen gifts and other luxury items for bridal registries or gift giving from the well-known Ralph Lauren Home Collection. We’ve compiled our top five picks for groomsmen gifts; hopefully, this list should help any couple find a perfect and personal gift for their groomsmen.

  1. Ralph Lauren Chaplin, Bookmark: $50
  2. This gorgeous leather strap bookmark from Ralph Lauren is a timeless piece any man would enjoy for a lifetime. The leather strap could be personalized further by engraving the groomsmen’s names on the strap, or perhaps a memorable quote or message.

  3. Ralph Lauren Wentworth, Corkscrew Horse Bit: $95
  4. Buy a classy horse bit corkscrew from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection to show your appreciation for your groomsmen. This silver-plated brass corkscrew comes with a brown saddle leather pouch. Furthermore, it’s packaged in a sophisticated gift box, so it’s ready to be gifted!

  5. Ralph Lauren Montgomery, Cocktail Shaker: $195
  6. Do your groomsmen enjoy a fine drink? Gift them one of the classic Ralph Lauren cocktail shakers, handcrafted from silver plate with subtle engravings. Engrave your groomsmen’s initials on the bottom of the shaker and this cocktail shaker becomes the perfect solution: a balance between a useable, fun as well as sentimental gift.

  7. Ralph Lauren Grayson, Trinket Tray Horseshoe: $295
  8. This is one of our most sought after items from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection – the horseshoe silver-plated holder functions as a cigar stand and a trinket tray alike. A man can place one on his entryway table and toss keys or loose change onto it when he gets home. This is a great gift for your groomsmen, particularly if any of them enjoy a cigar or are equestrian buffs.

  9. Ralph Lauren Barrett, Decanter: $395
  10. Get your groomsmen a staple for their home bar – a crystal decanter to aerate wine. A decanter is the ideal gift for refined men who know about good wine. If you want, personalize the Ralph Lauren decanter gift with an aged bottle of wine.

Whether you choose a crystal decanter or a silver trinket tray, remember that the gifts you present to your bridal party speak to your relationship with them. Keep thoughtfulness and usefulness at the forefront of your mind and if possible, add a personalized element.

About the Author: Edward Cain is the co-owner of Chelsea at the Grove, a luxury boutique located in the heart of picturesque Monmouth County in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Chelsea at the Grove proudly features the world-famous home décor from Mackenzie Childs’ designs as well as the enviable Ricci Argentieri flatware collections.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Behind Ricci Argentieri Flatware

Designed by skilled artisans in some of the best workshops across Italy and the Far East, Ricci Argentieri is one of the world’s most coveted lines of flatware. The perfect cutlery for a bridal registry or wedding anniversary, Ricci flatware stands out above other tableware brands because of the beauty, quality and history evident through each gorgeous detail on the pieces.

Hold a piece of Ricci silverware and you’ll see flawless designs and unique details hand-crafted onto each piece in the Ricci Argentieri collection individually. The timeless beauty is made possible by the Ricci craftsmen, who are experts in the art and work relentlessly to ensure perfection in each piece. It’s awe-inspiring beauty has made it favorite with brides-to-be, but it is the incomparable quality of the Ricci Argentieri line that keeps generations of families staying with the Ricci name. It's also a favorite gift among mothers to their daughters - commemorating their transition into womanhood with a gift that they can cherish for years to come and perhaps even pass down to their own daughters someday.

Ricci artisans employ heavily weighted .925 sterling silver in the Sterling Silver Ricci silverware. Stainless steel Ricci flatware uses the highest quality metal combination to produce stunning and durable pieces that will last beautifully through generations. Every piece of Ricci Argentieri flatware undergoes a detailed inspection, and not a single piece is released without meeting the rigorous standards set forth more than 170 years ago when the Ricci family first developed their tableware line.

Yet another reason Ricci silverware is sought out worldwide is because their long-standing history of quality and beauty. In 1840 small town northern Italy, the Ricci silversmiths, a collection of highly skilled craftsmen, joined together to establish the Ricci Argentieri Guild House. Since the inception decades ago, Ricci Argentieri artisans continue to deliver the same high standard and flawless silverware as the founding silversmiths.

For whatever reason speaks to you – whether it’s the remarkable beauty of each piece, the excellence in quality and craftsmanship or the deep-rooted history of the Ricci Guild – confidently choose Ricci flatware for your bridal registry or special occasion.

About the Author: Edward Cain is the co-owner of Chelsea at the Grove, a high end boutique located in the heart of picturesque Monmouth County in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Chelsea at the Grove proudly features the world-famous home décor from Mackenzie Childs’ designs as well as the Ralph Lauren Home Collection, complete with timeless Ralph Lauren photo frames and barware.