Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wedding Registry Tips from the Pros at Chelsea Gifts

For many couples, especially those who marry young, a wedding is about more than just joining two lives together. It's also about starting a household that will serve as the foundation for that new life. At Chelsea Gifts, we believe a beautiful household should include beautiful things for your home!

Both our brick and mortar boutique and our online store are popular destinations for newly engaged couples building out their registries. Wondering what to register for? Follow our expert tips below to create a wedding registry checklist that will continue to serve you and your family for years to come, and be sure to let your guests know they can find the pieces you want at Chelsea Gifts!

Be Practical...

Your bridal registry is a chance to outfit your new homeor your existing living spacewith stuff you'll actually use. If you're not much of a cook, you might be missing a lot of basic kitchen items that could streamline the meals you do prepare together. If you've never entertained family members over the holidays, you might not have enough matching table settings to create a cohesive Thanksgiving spread. Think about the pieces you'll be using in your daily life and free up space on your registry by eliminating items you're only likely to use once or twice (we're looking at you, panini press).

For example: Just about every list of wedding registry ideas will tell you to include several good sets of dishes and flatware. Why? Unless you've been lucky enough to have these pieces passed down from a family member, odds are your cabinets are full of mismatched or just plain boring dinnerware. Plates and utensils are things you'll use every single day, so choose a collection or two that you love looking at and that you know will impress future dinner guests. We love the classic elegance of the Bernardaud White Table collection because it goes with literally anything. For a more colorful look, we also recommend any of the vivid options available in the Juliska Berry & Thread line. And for flatware, you can't go wrong with Ricci Argentieri.

...But Not Too Practical

The MacKenzie-Childs Ridiculous Bench, $4,950 at Chelsea Gifts

Your registry is limited to the number of invites you send and your family and friends' gift budgets, but don't be afraid to include a few more extravagant items on your list. Most people view gift-giving occasions as an excuse to give the things their loved ones wouldn't buy for themselves. If you've been eyeing a particular piece from a high-end home decor collection but can't bring yourself to open your wallet for it, put it on the list! Even wedding guests with tight budgets will sometimes join up to purchase a more expensive gift.

Don't Forget About Seasonality

Sure, you'll want to register for plenty of items you can use every day. But a wedding registry is also a great opportunity to stock up on seasonal decorations and home furnishings. Christmas ornaments and traditional Hanukkah decorations, for example, are very popular wedding gifts. It's pieces like these that make your house feel like a home, especially around the holidays. And a beautiful ornament or menorah from a beloved relative has a good shot at becoming a treasured family heirloom.

Add a little holiday cheer to your registry!

Remember, setting up your wedding registry should be fun for you and your partner! The experts at Chelsea Gifts are pros at taking the stress out of the registry process. If you're ready to start your list, contact us today and we'll help you create the perfect registry for a beautiful new home!
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