Monday, March 23, 2015


So many of you are already ranting and raving about Chelsea Gifts Online’s hottest new designer, Hipanema, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about them and show you my favorites.

Hipanema Peacock BraceletHipanema jewelry is the brainchild of two Parisian girls who met in Rio. Inspired by the vibrant colors and chic boho fashion of Brazil, the two young ladies revolutionized the concept of friendship bracelets. Driven by the desire to sport their souvenir trinkets on their wrists but weighed down by the bane and bore of repeatedly tying and untying not to mention the eventual discoloration, Jenny and Delphine created Hipanema.

Hipanema's Brazilian bracelets are super-saturated rainbow threads embellished with pearls, seashells, beads, and quartz secured with a chic magnetic clasp. The rich Brazilian cultural influence has made them THE must have fashion accessory from beach to the boardroom.
Hipanema Silver Cuff Plated BraceletHipanema bracelets come in over 24 different styles and bring a little French je ne sais quoi to the sparkling sands of Rio. My favorites include the Hipanema Peacock Bracelet whose bluish transparency and sparkling rhinestones make it a simply unique creation, the Hipanema Lion Bracelet uses reflections of gold with a hint of leopard and rhinestone strands to for perfect complement to any outfit, and the Hipanema Or Bracelet which is serves a more elegant purpose complete with golden shades and tones to enhance and beautify any evening attire. Each bracelet has a stunning hematite or gold magnetic closure with Hipanema logo and can be worn double or triple stacked.

Hipanema Or Bracelet
If you are looking for something a little less bold, succumb to the charm of the Hipanema Silver Cuff Plated Bracelet which is entirely handmade and features a Brazilian wish ribbon.
Chelsea Gifts Online carries the entire Hipanema bracelet line and if you don’t have one (or five), check them out, immediately! The ribbons from Bahia mix with the legendary Copacabana bracelets and the quartz stones with various seashells for a perfect blend of fun and sophistication. Let me know which ones are your favorite in the comments.


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